Helping Families Connect The Dots...Of The College Selection, Admissions And Funding Process!

When it comes to preparing students for the ACT®, it is critical to help them remember forgotten content and learn effective Test Taking Strategies

We at College and Beyond - Test Prep do BOTH!

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College and Beyond has developed a comprehensive program of solid financial advice, SAT and ACT Prep courses and much more to help every student and parent navigate their way through the College Maze. We connect the dots of the Career Selection, College Selection, Admissions and Funding Process and help take away the stress many families face. Regardless of income, assets or student accomplishments, we can show families how to pay for college without going broke in the process.

Helping your daughter or son plan for College can be a real challenge! Wouldn't it be nice to have a detailed roadmap to follow?

By integrating and coordinating multiple strategies, success can be achieved! We offer College Workshops throughout the year on a variety of College Topics, Links to great Resources and Up-to-date Information about the College Process.

Let your college quest begin!

Do any of these problems and questions sound familiar?

  • "I can't get my student to stay focused on what he/she must do to get into college."
  • "My son/daughter has no idea what they want to major in while in college."
  • "Our student is a terrible test taker, so what can we do?"
  • "How are we going to pay for college since our savings were hit hard by the recession?"
  • "What types of scholarships will my student qualify for?"
  • "What kind of Financial Aid is our family going to receive?"
  • "What is our EFC (Expected Family Contribution)?"
  • "How is financial aid determined for a divorced family?"
  • "Our finances are already tight as it is so how in the world can we help pay for college?"
  • "Do I really need to complete the FAFSA every year?"
  • "Where do we start with the college process?"

At College and Beyond, we help families answer these questions and many more by "Connecting the Dots of the College Selection, Admissions and Funding Process!"

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