Dan Bisig

Dan Bisig

Dan Bisig

Much like the quest that a hero undertakes in an epic movie, the process of picking a future major, dealing with the college admissions process and paying for college can be a stressful and intimidating adventure.

That’s why Dan Bisig offers a detailed roadmap for parents and students to follow – with his steady guidance along the way.

For many years, the CEO of College and Beyond LLC and co-founder of College and Beyond – Test Prep has been providing helpful advice to parents and students about career identification, college selection, college admissions, test preparation, funding and much more.

Families are confronted with many decisions: How do test scores, GPA, extra-curricular activities and athletics factor into the selection process? How do you find scholarships? What college to choose – public or private, highly competitive or a more relaxed environment? What major or career should the student select? And the big question, how are you going to pay for it?

“Meanwhile, the applications, essays and financial aid forms must be completed with deadlines fast approaching,” he says. “I help students and parents navigate their way through every aspect of the college process. I want each family to see their son or daughter attend the college that best serves him or her and where they can thrive and achieve great success.”

Regardless of income, assets or student accomplishments, there is a right fit college for every student. Dan uses his years of experience to help pick colleges that match a students interests and needs while fitting into the family budget when cost is an issue. He does this by helping families develop a funding plan while minimizing loans and out-of-pocket expenses with his solid financial advice.

“Families work hard to maximize their budgets and create a future for their children,” he says. “The problem is the cost of a college education keeps rising!”

A graduate of Eastern Kentucky University, Dan began his career in 1991 in the insurance and investment business working as a financial planner.

In 2006, he formed College and Beyond, after a client came to him with a major problem. They had two daughters and a son who were attending private schools and were ready to go to college, but Dad and Mom had only saved $5,000.

“I’m a problem solver,” he says. “I was able to take a tough situation, spend the necessary time with this family and put together a solid college funding plan. It required sacrifice, but it has worked. In fact their youngest daughter is at the University of Cincinnati right now.”

Dan is an expert at every aspect of the college process. Every year he visits colleges and talks to and meets regularly with admissions counselors and financial aid administrators to keep up with the ever changing landscape.

His first word of advice for parents and students? Do not procrastinate!

“I meet families every year who never got around to talking about college or how they were going to pay for it. Waiting until the last minute causes families to face tough choices and a huge amount of stress, so do not put off this conversation and call us to help you put the puzzle pieces together” he says “before it is too late!”

Dan provides a practical perspective throughout the college process that continues all the way up to the day the student makes their final college choice, attends freshman orientation and ultimatey sends in their first tuition payment.

“Helping families with college is more than just financial counseling,” he explains. “The comprehensive work we do is life changing and the greatest compliment we receive is when someone refers a family member or friend to us. Every year I get invited to attend graduation parties for our students and help celebrate their accomplishments. Families have told me the assistance we have provided has been invaluable, and I’m proud of the work we do at College and Beyond. If the Letters of Recommendation we receive are any indication of how happy our clients our with our services, then we sure must be doing something right! ”

Dan welcomes the opportunity to meet with your family and help your student achieve their dreams! He also is glad to share his message with local schools, organizations, speaking to employees, community members, parents and students.

To contact Dan, or for more information about College and Beyond LLC OR College and Beyond – TEST PREP, please call 859-283-2655 or visit our website www.collegeandbeyondllc.com.

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