To those considering College and Beyond:

My wife and I have always been hard workers and committed to the virtues of parochial education for our three children. We further believed the best contribution my wife could make to our family was to leave her job, become a full-time Mom, and to get involved in our kids’ school and our community. While I work for a great company with access to good healthcare, a retirement savings plan, and insurance coverage, hard work alone was not allowing us to cover these costs and save for our kids’ college education. We were lost without a plan.

Dan taught us to consider our budget as a whole. We were able to design a holistic investment/insurance strategy that would maximize the potential of our income without compromise to our current lifestyle or the educational goals of our children. We were further able to maintain our level of contribution toward retirement and our church. In fact, Dan went a step further to illustrate for us the positive impact our kids’ grades and service record could have on improving their chances of successfully competing for scholarships and merit-based aid.

It has been four years since our first meeting and I’m happy to share that our oldest is a college sophomore, our senior is completing his college applications, and our youngest daughter is looking forward to her opportunity, as well. Dan’s recommendations have made our goals possible, and we continue to look for other ways to maximize every dollar under his guidance. Dan has become a true friend and is genuinely interested in our success.

I highly recommend sitting down with Dan – being honest about your financial situation – and open to including your kids in the process for their best interest. I truly believe, with Dan’s expertise, there is a financial strategy for every income level, for every educational goal, and for every insurance need when they are considered in concert. Best of luck in your family’s journey.


Greg O.

PS: One additional note. In appreciation for Dan’s guidance, I asked if he would be willing to share his College Presentation with my fellow work associates. Dan created a series of “Learn-at-Lunch Educational Seminars” where he tailored split sessions: one for families with students in kindergarten thru grade school and the second for families with students in middle school thru high school. Dan’s message was well received, and has undoubtedly helped the associates within my firm demystify the college preparation process as well.

To Whom It May Concern:

In late 2006, my husband and I began working with Dan Bisig/College and Beyond, to develop a funding plan for our son’s college education. Assuming that we would be very limited in college choices due to a funding shortfall, we were very pleasantly surprised when Dan showed us what test scores and GPA could do to open new educational opportunities to our son.

Thanks to Dan’s guidance and expertise in parent and student positioning, our son received a full-tuition academic scholarship to the school he had hoped to attend. Between the scholarship and KEES money, we are bearing very little out of pocket expense.

We have enjoyed working with Dan and highly recommend him.


Kelley J.

To whom it may concern,

I would like to recommend Dan Bisig and the services he offers through College and Beyond.

We met Dan at a seminar that was offered for college bound students. We were completely in the dark when it came to where to start the college process. Just the information that we received at the seminar showed us that we needed his help.

Dan has educated us on so much from what forms need to be submitted in what time frame to where to look for scholarship offers. Every time we meet with him we leave with a list of what we need to do and when it needs to be done.

He is also a wealth of information with his “College funding tip of the week”. He sends out regular e-mails with tips that are helpful and informative.

Dan has been more than a financial counselor. He has shown concern for our family through different situations and a desire to see our daughter in the college that will best serve her.

His services have been invaluable and his friendship and concern will always be remembered.


Sarah M.
(mother of a new college freshman)

To whom it may concern,

I utilized the services of Dan Bisig/College and Beyond, LLC to help me and my daughter during her senior year of high school – 2007-2008.

Because my daughter attended a non-college preparatory high school, I knew from prior experience with my oldest child that we were pretty much left to our own with regard to college planning and the multitude of decisions and actions that need to be taken.

To those parents and students who feel completely lost and like “deer in the headlights” with college planning, it is crucial to have someone like Dan assist in the process of getting your child off to a successful start at college. Dan kept us on track with deadlines and provided information that I otherwise would not have had.

I recommend Dan’s services, especially if your child attends public high school. Although the counselors work very hard and want to help your child, the fact is that they are spread very thin and are at best only able to answer direct questions (so hopefully you know the right ones to ask!). There is much at stake with regard to your child’s higher education and acceptance into college is increasingly competitive, even at NKU, which is where my daughter will attend college and live on campus.


Ann W.

To whom it may concern,

Sending your child off to college can be a very stressful and intimidating time. There are so many questions…how do we pay for it, what information is required to complete the FAFSA form, are there scholarships available, how do we apply for them, which school would be the best choice?

Last fall, we attended a free college financial planning seminar at the Boone County Library. That was the best decision we could have made. Dan Bisig presented a thorough overview of what we as parents could expect to be confronted with. It became apparent that we were not prepared for what may lie ahead. We scheduled a private meeting and he explained how he could help us formulate a plan to deal with what we were beginning to see as an overwhelming task. Over the next several months we had “homework assignments” to be completed between meetings that went along with the plan we set up. Sort of like the analogy of eating the elephant one bite at a time.

In short, Dan guided us through the entire process. His friendly and outgoing demeanor simply put us at ease. There were times that his insight and perspectives were most helpful when it came to making important decisions. I am more than happy to recommend his services. In fact, I would encourage you to consider having him help you as well. We are sure you have many of the same concerns we had. There will be difficult decisions that you must make. In my opinion, Dan can and will help you make the best choices for your particular needs.

The Clark Family

To whom it may concern,

I want to express my appreciation for all the assistance Dan has given my daughter and me during our financial aid application process for college.

My daughter applied to seven colleges and universities; four of which were some of the most highly competitive schools in the nation. In addition to this daunting task my financial situation led to an exceptional circumstance which needed to be addressed. Dan’s direction in the financial aid process has been invaluable.

Numerous letters have been written to the admissions and financial aid offices of the various colleges. Dan’s assistance in articulating our circumstances and requests to these offices has been extremely helpful. I have had many questions concerning the financial aid process and filing of applications; FAFSA, PROFILE and each college’s individual financial aid application. Dan’s knowledge of the process enabled me to approach these responsibilities in an organized and efficient manner. His promptness in returning phone calls allowed me to complete these applications correctly and in the time frame required.

Dan’s commitment and professionalism to this overwhelming task has been exemplary. He is a considerate, kindhearted man who truly cares for the well being and success of his clients. I am confident that Dan’s expertise in his profession has facilitated a successful outcome to my daughter’s college search.

Pamela M.

To whom it may concern:

I would like to take this opportunity to talk to you about how Dan Bisig of College and Beyond helped us and our daughter, Allie, when it came time to make decisions about college. First, let me give you a little background on our family. Neither my husband or I or our two older children went to college so the entire process was foreign to us. Allie was a straight A student all through high school and really wanted to pursue college. Needless to say my husband and I were ecstatic that she wanted to go to college and although we were nervous about the financial constraints, we were committed to do what it took to get her there.

We first came to know about Dan when he did a free seminar on FAFSA at the Boone County Library in the summber going into Allie’s senior year. Although my husband and I had heard about FAFSA, until we attended Dan’s seminar we really didn’t understand fully how essential it was to complete. After hearing Dan’s talk, my husband and I knew we were in over our heads. We signed up for a free consultation with Dan and immediately felt that he was very knowledgeable and felt at ease discussing our finances and our daughter with him.

Ultimately we decided to purchase the plan that did counseling with Allie on a one on one basis to discuss her objectives, what she wanted to get out of college, her ACT scores, and what her responsibilities were to get into college. In this package, we also received one on one financial discussions/analysis with my husband and me on how to pay for college, help in completing the FAFSA, and most importantly helping to decipher the various offers from all the colleges Allie had applied to.

We mentioned to Dan early in our discussions that there was a private scholarship being offered by a former alumnus of Allie’s school for 4 years tuition and books to the University of Cincinnati and although we did not have to end up using the grants and loans from FAFSA or the other scholarships, we felt that the money invested was worth the peace of mind that Dan provided to us. Dan was caring, insightful, and was a great sounding board to all of us throughout the entire process and was very committed to helping Allie achieve her goals of getting into an excellent college.

My husband, daughter and I whole heartedly recommend Dan Bisig and feel his services were paramount to us surviving the entire college selection process.

Patti G.