Parent Positioning


What is the best way to approach the College Process? College and Beyond can help parents prepare with a detailed, organized plan to help you meet all the deadlines and minimize out-of-pocket expenses.

Check out each piece of the pie chart below, which further explains the process.


EFC (Expected Family Contribution) Strategies

There are strategies some families can use to reduce their EFC. We identify the best options for your family and guide you thru the steps.

College Statistics

Knowing the facts about every college gives parents and students the key items they need to pick the right school.

Money Talk

We help parents identify all available resources and effectively communicate how and who is going to pay for college with the student.

Cash Flow Strategies

Paying for college is often a Cash-Flow problem. Identifying ways to reduce expenses or free up cash can lead to unexpected funding resources.

Asset Strategies

The best college savings vehicles of the past may cause negative consequences today when it comes to qualifying for financial aid. When appropriate, we can help educate you about strategies you can use to fix this problem.

Tax Strategies

Allow the IRS, your existing business or a NEW business venture to help pay for college. We show you how!

 Loan Strategies

Our goal is to help students and parents avoid or minimize taking out college loans BUT if loans are necessary, we will help you select the best loan options for you and your student.

Expectations Contract

Students often dream of going away to college, but with freedom comes responsibility. We help parents develop an Expectations Contract!  This allows parents and students to be on the same page when it comes to what Mom and Dad expect IF they are going to step up and help pay for college!

Back-Up Plan

Do you have a back-up plan if things don’t go as expected? Failure is not an option, and we make sure you are prepared for surprises.