For Students

Dan visits numerous colleges and universities each year, discussing the latest issues with admissions and financial aid specialists. He understands what colleges are looking for in new students – and what these schools can offer their students.

Do problems and questions like these sound familiar?
  • “I’m not a good test taker, but ACT/SAT scores are important to colleges. How can I improve mine?”
  • “There’s lots of good schools out there – how can I decide which one is right for me?”
  • “I have no idea what I want to major in while in college.”
  • “How do I respond to the essays on college applications?”
  • “How important are these deadlines for applications?
  • “Some of my friends are getting stuck with huge student loans. Can I avoid that?”

Whether you want to apply at a competitive Ivy League school or a local community college, Dan’s expertise can help you with everything from preparing for tests to searching for scholarships, and deciding on a major to completing your paperwork on time!