Student Positioning – What is it?

The college admissions and scholarship process have become a whole lot more competitive and complicated over the years.  So what is a student supposed to do to make him/herself standout from the rest of the crowd?

At College and Beyond that is exactly what we do!  We have helped hundreds of students navigate their way through every aspect of the College Process connecting the dots on what a student MUST DO to be different from all the other graduating freshman!   The EARLIER we start to work together the better your chances!

Please take a look at the descriptions below the Pie-chart to learn more about the work we do to help students reach their college dreams.




Helping Students increase their test scores often increases their chances of getting admitted  to their chosen colleges and/or qualifying for future scholarships.

Career Counseling

The #1 reason students take an average of 5.5 years to graduate from college is a lack of career direction. We can help!  At College and Beyond we walk students through a holistic analysis of their Interests, Skills, Values and Personality to help identify the careers they should consider pursuing on college.

College Selection

Choosing the best college fit (financially, socially, academically, geographically and/or athletically) for a student (and family) is huge. We have the tools and facts you need to help your student make the best choices.  Based on our years of visiting Colleges, we have the knowledge to help you pick schools that meet your needs!

Financial Participation

There are two types of families: those who can/will pay 100% of the cost of whatever college their student attends AND those who expect/need their student to participate in paying for their college education.  We work with both types of families!  In fact, helping families build their college funding roadmap is a specialty of our firm.  We give you all the facts and help you map out the best way to pay for college so that success can be achieved while minimizing college loans.

Scholarship Guidance

Finding Scholarships is all about kn0wing where to look, having what it takes to qualify and taking action. We help students identify their strengths, improve their weaknesses and go for every opportunity.

Essay Review

Essays are often required for scholarships and admittance into some colleges, especially those that are competitive. We review every essay to make sure the student actually answered the prompt, paying close attention to spelling, grammar, flow, uniqueness, etc.  Essays can make or break a student’s chances of getting invited to interview for that big scholarship OR get admitted to the most prestigious university.

Admissions Process

Missing Deadlines can cost you thousands. We keep students and parents on track and take away the stress of the process. Failure in this part of the college process is NOT an option!