The key to any student getting a Scholarship begins with Student Positioning.

Students have the greatest control over 3 important aspects of their high school experience which I refer to as the:

“Three Legged Stool”

  • GPA – Competitive Curriculum
  • Test Scores
  • Extracurricular Activities

How a student does in these 3 areas will have a big impact on their ability to obtain scholarships. But not all scholarships have the same requirements or are created equally. So where should a student begin with this process?

  1. A high GPA and Test Scores help make a student eligible for more scholarship opportunities both at their chosen college(s) AND with outside sources.
  2. A great place to start in looking for scholarships is to visit the High School Guidance Counselor(s) office. Often s/he will know of Local Scholarships of interest for which a student can apply. These scholarships may include Rotary Clubs, Elks, Kiwanis etc.
  3. The next option is to ask parents or grandparents to check to see if their employers offer scholarships to the children or grandchildren of their employees.
  4. Another good source is checking with businesses where both the parents and students frequent on a regular basis such as their Bank, Restaurants, and Retail Stores etc. Many of these establishments provide scholarships to deserving students.
  5. If a student has been blessed with a certain talent (singing for example) or athletic ability (Football, Baseball or Volleyball etc.) it may be worth them pursuing a scholarship (partial or full) at their chosen college or university. Marketing your student’s abilities and talents to the right people at each school is crucial to getting them noticed and positioned to compete for these awards.
  6. Finally, there are FREE scholarship search websites available (some are listed below) which will help students identify other possible scholarship opportunities for which they may qualify and/or have an interest in pursuing.

By approaching each of these opportunities with an attitude of being selective and proactive…..success can be achieved! But REMEMBER meeting deadlines and having all of the requirements completed is a critical last step in the scholarship process.

Remember IF you need some extra help and advice, the staff at College and Beyond can definitely help you navigate your way through every aspect of the scholarship process!

Parent Testimonial: Sheila G.

There are so many steps to identifying majors, choosing colleges, submitting applications, and applying for scholarships. Dan did a great job of keeping all of us on track each step of the way and creating an urgency for my son as each deadline approached.

Parent Testimonial: Dr. Candyse J.

I cannot say enough how helpful Dan and College and Beyond will be in helping your child get into the best college and receive the best education with the most scholarships.

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