For Homeschooling Families

One of the greatest challenges Home Schooling families face is how to navigate their way through the College Maze and connect the dots effectively and efficiently in the process. Usually this help is somewhat provided by a Guidance Counselor at a local High School, but when a family is doing everything on their own… then where do they turn for help?

There are really 3 ways families are forced to approach the process of connecting the dots.

1. They “do 100% of the work on their own” using the Internet, Library and other Home Schooling resources to do a ton of research, help identify the best career and college for their home schooled student and develop an efficient and effective game plan for college.


2. They “do some of the research, but seek outside guidance and help on those things which are out of their comfort zone”. Seeking outside advice might include helping them navigate their way through the process so that they do not miss any critical items associated with the college process (career guidance, school selection, timelines and deadlines, funding arrangements to cover the student/families EFC – Expected Family Contribution etc.)


3. They “seek outside guidance and direction at the beginning of the College Process” to make sure they get it right the first time and are guided through the process by someone who is an expert at the 3 keys to a successful college experience:

So which of these 3 families are you? We at College and Beyond welcome the opportunity to help you successfully navigate your way through the College Planning Maze.