For Student Athletes

Many high school students dream of playing their chosen sport at the college level.  Adding this possibility to the college search creates additional opportunities and challenges.  If a student athlete has already been noticed and contacted by Division I Colleges, then let the games begin.  IF NOT, then what are you going to do to get noticed?

You can rely on College and Beyond to help guide you through every step of the student athlete recruiting process BUT you MUST take action ASAP.  Time is of the essence if you are going to have any chance of playing at the college level.  We use a dynamite software program where we can put in your academic credentials, sport and geographic requirements and create a list of colleges you should research, contact and visit.

Give us a call TODAY to schedule a no-cost initial meeting to learn more about what we do to help student athletes reach their dreams!

OR if you are a do-it-your-self-er, buy our Student Athlete Marketing E-Book which maps out the steps you need to take to get noticed and get playing at the next level.

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Do It Yourself “E-Book”

This E-Book, available from College and Beyond, is a step-by-step road map for the family who wants to Market their Student Athlete on their own.  We tell you everything you need to do to be successful in your quest to play at the next level.

College Selection

Doing research along the way to include: understating the Coaching Philosophy and Academic Programs of the College will help your student make the right college choice!  We have a fantastic program where we plug in all of your personal details (your sport, academic accomplishments)  and college requirements (location, price and divisional interest) and generate a solid short list for you to pursue!

A Great Cover Letter

Getting a Coach interested in your Student Athlete starts with a great Cover Letter.  Dan can share great examples of cover letters and edit and review those that are created…..BEFORE they are sent out.

One Page Resume

Listing your student’s accomplishments while in High School to include: their general stats, academic successes and overall strengths can lead to getting Coaches interested in talking to you.

Athletic Recruiting Video

Sending a quality Video showing your student in action in their sport can get a Coach’s attention.  We help you make the connections to get these videos professional produced for you.

Tracking Communications

Keeping Track of your communications with Coaches is Crucial to your Success. We give you the roadmap to follow.

One Page Updates

Sending an end-of-the-season update to Coaches lets them know your student is still interested in their program.

Post Card Updates

Sending weekly Post Card Updates during the season can help keep the Coaches informed and interested in your student’s accomplishments.

Back-Up Plan

What Happens if circumstance change….. Do you have a back-up plan? We make sure all of our clients have a number of colleges on their short list so that IF the coaching staff changes OR you discover your student is further down on the recruiting hot list than you thought that there are backup schools that will fit what the student athlete is looking for.